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I have an MSI A4000 Celeron dual core, which is 64bit capable. Here lies the problem IT CAME preloaded with Win 7 32bit, fortunately with a RECOVERY MS_I disc. Then me, the SUPER GENIUS installed my OEM Win 7 64bit on to the laptop, and now I have experiencing strange issues, like ? under "other devices" for a COPROCESSOR in device manager, and of course the Windows.old folder
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  1. The title of your message is confusing. Are you saying you want to boot back into your 32-bit Windows 7? From what you've explained, it sounds like you did a "clean" install which is why there is a Windows.old folder. You can't boot back up into your 32-bit installation because you wiped it out. You'll have to reinstall the 32-bit, which means you'll lose all your profile information, etc unless you backed it up with Easy Windows Transfer.

    To dual boot, if that's what you wanted, would require you to set up a separate partition to install each OS onto. That's what should have been done and then you could have installed the 64-bit Windows 7 on the other partition. But, since you have a Windows.old directory, that means you did a clean install over the Windows 32-bit installation.

    All the ? means you don't have the correct drivers installed. I would go to your laptops website and find any and all Windows 7 64-bit drivers that you need and install them.

    BTW, how much memory do you have on your laptop? If you have less than 4 (it looks like they come preconfigured with 2gb), then why go to Windows 7 64? You really won't get anything out of it unless you have some 64-bit programs that required it.
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