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Anyone know where Cecsi has gone to?

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June 27, 2002 8:28:20 PM

Anyone know where this person has gone? I was thinking about maybe taking over the upkeep of the group info page and maybe weeding out the users who haven't submitted a WU for a couple of years.

Another idea I had was building a personal web page and have the same info on it with the non-submitters removed (using MS Excel). This way team members that have Excel can copy it and arrange the info to their own liking on their own computer.

If anyone knows how to get in contact with Cecsi, could you send them my way so I could get admin/editor rights to the page and do some weeding? Thanx! If it's not possible, then I'll continue working on my web page and try to get it up and running with a new THG Team table. And if you have any suggestions as far as adding info to it, give me hollar!

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July 1, 2002 6:54:19 AM

People have asked about Cesi before, but he has never turned up around here to my knowledge... at least since I've been part of the team.

It WOULD be nice to get something going with the team at THG though! I've always admired the stuff the Ars Technica team does. They're so big and that Team Lamb Chop is only one of about eight distributed computing teams they have!

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July 1, 2002 6:49:36 PM

Well, I'm currently attending <A HREF="" target="_new">BCTI</A> and next week, I start the networking part of the course, after that, I think it's the Web Page Design. I'm currently working on a personal homepage and I'll see about coming up with a page dedicated to the THC Seti Team stats. Maybe even make something similar to what Team Lamb Chop has done in regards to graphing team standings.

If I come up with something half-way decent, I'll get it posted on the net and give everyone here the link. I'll even provide a link for suggestions and improvements. Should be a nice challenge and would definately help with school as an "extra-credit" project.

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July 1, 2002 7:54:09 PM

If I switch over to Tom's team my WU will reset to zero won't they? I mean I'll know over all how many I've done, but I'll be on the bottom of Tom's Teams stat page instead of in 4th place.
July 3, 2002 6:21:38 AM

On our stats page it shows him as being from Germany... maybe try the forums at

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July 22, 2002 5:55:21 AM

Actually I looked further into it and if I knew my password I could switch to the THG Seti team and have my completed work units transferred. But since my E-mail address has changed I can't get my password to do this. So if I switch I will have to start from scratch and lose the 7184 units I've done so far. That would take me like 7 months to get back to that point. Dilemma.
July 22, 2002 6:41:11 PM

Neither. The old E-mail address was with the Excite At Home network which is no longer carried by AT&T, my broadband provider and the password was generated by Seti and is a 9 digit random number so I have no idea what it could be. But if you guys want another member I think I'll start from scratch.