Mouse problems....

Ugh, No luck I tell you.

So, I've had this Mx518 about a year now, and its worked fine. I just got a new computer, and kept the mouse. The mouse has worked fine on the computer for about a week and a half and then tonight it just kind of died. The power wasn't feeding to it (no light) and nada as far as use. I replugged it, and it pops up "Usb device not recognized". I tried plugging it into every usb port but still the same message "Usb device not recognized". I thought maybe the mouse had died, so tried plugging it into my worked fine. It also still works fine on my other desktop. So, I figure, maybe the usb port is messed up - device manager says everything is fine, my printer still works, and hooking up another usb mouse works fine. Only my gaming mouse refuses to be recognized and I have no idea how to fix it. I've tried searching online but everything I've found has referenced to a more general problem of nothing being recognized...

Does anyone have any ideas or can point me to a place more suited to ask? I tried logitech but they were no help.
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  1. Try reinstalling the mouse drivers and if necessary, USB drivers.
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