Restoring file from System Volume Information folder

HELP!!! How do you move a VERY LARGE (145 gig) folder which I accidentally dropped into the system volume information back into the regular part of the 640g portable hard drive?

I don't even know how it got into the System Volume Information folder but I've tried (i) pulling it back out but it does not go; (ii) sending it to the part of the hard drive I want it to go to but it says that it is too large for the drive which is confusing me as it is the same hard drive and I didn't think I was adding anything to it when I moved it, (iii) copying it into another hard drive and then tried to delete it so I could copy it back but it just won't delete. Yet I can update files in the VERY LARGE folder that accidentally got pulled into the System Volume Information folder.

What's weird it that the Volume Information Folder is like a Ghost Folder and is slightly grayed out. How did I manage to get that VERY LARGE (145 gig) folder into it??

I'd be grateful for any advice.
Debbie Moon
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  1. How much free space does the hard-drive have? If you try to copy the folder, you may not have enough space for it in two areas.

    So you can copy that folder to another drive with no issues? Did you MOVE or COPY the file to the system volume folder? Does it let you copy it by not move it?

    You may need to add rights to that folder to enable you to delete things from it, your account may not have delete rights to the system volume folder.
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