Sager laptop not booting, ideas?

I picked up a sager laptop at a swap meet type deal for cheap, turned out to actually be a new model(NP2092). I had to purchase a universal charger for it but I seem to be having a problem.

When i try and start the laptop the power light comes on then the fan comes on, but then the laptop turns off about 10 sec later then turns back on. After it turns back on it just sits for little doing nothing then turns back off. The charger definitely meets the power requirements of the laptop and is able to work on my other laptop so it's not the charger.

No post screen, no monitor on....the cd drive doesn't even open. I don't think the hard drive is spinning up either.

I have tried disconnecting the HD and memory with no results. I don't get any beeps or anything.

Any ideas? I was thinking it kind of sounds like a CPU overheating problem?
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  1. Well one would hope that the monitor would at least come on even for a few seconds if it was the CPU overheating. You could always open it up and see if the CPU heatsink is clogged with dust or whatever.
  2. I'd say it's power. Just because your charger works with your other notebook, doesn't mean it works with this one. The power requirement for your notebook is generally listed on the bottom. I would highly suggest you get a charger that follows it to the volt. "Universal" hardware isn't always as universal as it says.
  3. Although it may sound silly but you may want to make sure that the hard drive and memory are in the laptop.... You never know what you are really getting at a swap meet of flea market..... the power requirements are very important as well....otherwise you could "fry" the entire thing by undervolting it or overvolting it.....
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