My PC is acting weird

I recently made this setup.

AMD FX 8150
Corsair Dominator GT 4gb 2000MHz
M5A97 asus mobo
GeForce 8400 GS (it's only a temporary solution l, bought it dirt cheap)
PSU Kingpin 850w
300gb hdd and 80gb hdd

I'm currently running Windows 7 ultimate edition.

The problem is, my computer itself doesn't freeze, but the windows, like firefox, my documents or other windows like control panel, etc. will freeze when it starts to load something, then like a minute or so after it defreezes.
I thought this could be bottleneck but it's too weird for it to be bottleneck, I tried chabgin RAM sloth, ir changin video card sloth, or giving a fresh windows install and it still does this. I even reset the motherboard but still freezes in A weird manner.

PC will start up and do things normallybut windows like firefox, etc. will freeze until it stops loading, and will loading it takes too much time.
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  1. Sorry for bad grammar, I'm writing this from a PSVita
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