which 26" LCD HDTV?

Hey peeps, ive been looking into a few hdtvs for about a week now. Ive decided to go with a 26" set as i cant really fit anything bigger into my room. At the moment im really settled on this set:


Is the this sony set worth the extra money?


Some1 also suggested that Sharp were really good but i havnt made another trip down to bestbuy yet to check some out.

Anyone have either of the sets above? Wouldnt mind hearing your thoughts on the set :)

Anyhelp is appreciated!
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  1. Do you game? PS2 or 360? If so, get the Sharp LCD flatpanel.

    If you don't game, get the Plasma from Sony.
  2. Dude, at that price range just get the 32" LCD Vizio that came out:


    They're almost all made in the same country, use the same LCD screens, and you won't regret the extra 6" of screen. A dumbass friend of mine paid like $1200 or something for a Sharp Aquos 26" last year, its f*cking tiny!
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