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which 26" LCD HDTV?

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October 22, 2006 8:05:06 PM

Hey peeps, ive been looking into a few hdtvs for about a week now. Ive decided to go with a 26" set as i cant really fit anything bigger into my room. At the moment im really settled on this set:

Is the this sony set worth the extra money?

Some1 also suggested that Sharp were really good but i havnt made another trip down to bestbuy yet to check some out.

Anyone have either of the sets above? Wouldnt mind hearing your thoughts on the set :) 

Anyhelp is appreciated!

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November 4, 2006 4:40:58 PM

Do you game? PS2 or 360? If so, get the Sharp LCD flatpanel.

If you don't game, get the Plasma from Sony.
November 21, 2006 10:04:31 PM

Dude, at that price range just get the 32" LCD Vizio that came out:

They're almost all made in the same country, use the same LCD screens, and you won't regret the extra 6" of screen. A dumbass friend of mine paid like $1200 or something for a Sharp Aquos 26" last year, its f*cking tiny!