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eizo monitors m1900 s1911 s1931

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October 23, 2006 8:37:47 AM

hi i would like someone to help me with a new monitor i am going to buy.
i know eizo is not very common for the usa market but its quite common here that i live and i really like it for their quality products (even though i know is not the best for gaming that is my main activity for the pc i am buying it)

m1900 little older model good all around solution 8ms response, 16.7m colors 700:1 contrast

s1931 new pva panel+overdrive but still 16ms response black-gray and 8ms with tthe overdrive in gray-to-gray, 16.7m colors 1000:1 still i guess to slow for gaming :( 

s1911 tn+overdrive 6ms response typical 2ms gray-gray, 16.2m :(  700:1

so i would love the extra quality of the s1931 but i am afraid it will be to slow for my gaming (a lot of fps shouters), next choise is s1911 but i am a little afraid of the less colors they display and what impact will this have in the image quality (have read in some reviews on other brands that is noticeable enough ), the m1900 seems more balanced but i would prefer buying a newer model

plz make some comments...

p.s. if you like suggest some other brands but only for viewsonic, nec, samsung and lg and always a 19" non-wide.
the idea is that i want a best image quality gaming monitor i can get, i dont want the fastest, a good 8 ms monitor is more preferable than a 2ms that lucks in color fidelity (hope i dont ask to much for an lcd :(  )

p.s. not very good at writing english..:( 
October 23, 2006 4:35:53 PM

I see the M1900 as a slower version of the S1911... both have TN panels.

You're left with the same dilemma as the rest of us... go I go for faster response times or better quality?

As no monitor has the best of all characteristics, you have to pick which is most important to you and live with its shortcomings.

If you like Brite screen [glossy], check out the NEC 90GX2. Buyers give it rave reviews. (Current model specs 4ms response... new model, 90GX2 Pro, specs 2 ms... due in November.)
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October 23, 2006 8:04:34 PM

The Samsung 204b is supposed to be a TN 8-bit model. The only issue with TN would be viewing angles. Note: TN screens have the capability to be 8-bit; it's just that most manufacturers have not used the electronic controls to make them 8-bit. Whether switching to 8-bit on TN makes it slower, that is another question.
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October 24, 2006 7:21:44 AM

i guess i have to stick with the tn panels as gaming will be what i will mostly do i that pc.

i will have to go and check how good r the colors in the 1911...(6-bit vs 8bit) and then take my decision...

i have seen the nec nice monitor, i have more experience with the older nec model1970 at my previews work (internet cafe) great monitor but...
i am not really interested in the glossy thing cause my room has 5! windows and have a lot of bright light come through (my room is placed above the hole house and here in greece we have a lot of sun :(  ...i always prefered the basement us my "lair" but...i lost it on a bet with my bro :(  :(  )

do you know how bad a non -8 bit tn panel shows the colors? (that reminds me the days games used to be played in 16 bit colors and none was seeing deferences with the 32 bit except me)

plz recomend some other good gaming lcds 19"...the viewsonic vx922 is it good? i always prefered the vp930 as an all around monitor but r older models so more confusing to choose...

i go check the samsung right now.....

thx for the help :) 
October 24, 2006 11:56:02 AM

6-bit panels have been getting better. You may not notice any problem at all unless comparing to a standard.

The Viewsonic VX922 and VX924 have been well liked by gamers.

Samsung has a new monitor... the 931C. The specs are fabulous for gamers. In fact it was named "Official Monitor of 2006 Cyber Games", and is scheduled to be released to the market at the conclusion of those games.... some time in November. Might be worth waiting to buy so you can check it out?

Samsung models with "BF" or "BX" in their name have low response times.
October 24, 2006 1:24:29 PM

i went to the samsung site and checked the 931c it really looks good

i really like samsung as a brand because i have to crts and a really love them great monitors

at least i have made up my mind i will stick to the "gaming" lcds

after a closer look to the 931c noticed that the spec are identical to the s1911 (except the contrast the samsung has only the 2000:1 which i know is not the "real" numbers and a slight difference in brightness 250 / 300)

also good models i found there is 931bf (same as 931c) and 940b (a little slower 5ms but 1000:1 contrast) oh and 960bf - so all of the b/bf series

i am also checking the viewsonic models have seen some pretty good lcd from some friends...

oh....big dilemas up ahead..
(i dont even mention that i will now start to worry that if so many models have allmost the same specs wich one of them is the best....- not to mention the overdrive problem some monitors seem to have and many many more)

thx for the info helped quite a bit to look to the right direction
October 24, 2006 1:44:25 PM

Suggest you not be overly concerned about Contrast Ratio. Numbers of even 1000:1 are bogus. (The makers understand that higher CR leads some to buy, so they have become "creative", aka deceptive, about CR claims..... same is true to a degree about "response times").

On older models makers were more honest and claimed "500:1" or so. On newer models, they fudge the figures.

Unless you run your computer in a darkened closet, you will never actually experience 500:1 CR. In most comparison tests where testers use electronic instruments to measure brightness of blacks and whites in "nits", the ACTUAL CRs rarely get to 500:1.... and that's in a "dark closet" test.

As I can control the lighting in my environment, I go for LESS brightness. Large numbers of brightness are good when used in a brightly lit room. Otherwise, they are often TOO bright.

And though I've not been a fan of TN panels, the Samsung 931C 's specs look really good. Same is true with the Samsung 971P... their new S-PVA premium model.