ZBoard MERC with Windows Vista RC1

Hi all.

I have been testing Windows Vista RC1 for about a week now.
I own a Zboard and various keysets.

When I first installed the old Zboard Drivers, the whole OS crashed and I had to reinstall it.

I was able to install the Zengine, but it didn't regognize anything
So, I removed the drivers completely.

Right now I don't have any Zboard Drivers intalled, but I can still use the keysets. You just have to adjust the game settings manual. Just like you have to sign each key of a normal keyboard in the game.

I'm planing to buy a MERC Gaming Keyboard, could someone of you try to use MERC in windows Vista RC1 and see if it works with the Drivers or without drivers?

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  1. Hi, i have the Zboard Merc and running Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit.
    None of the drivers work and the numpad doesent work at all.
    have the same problem you had with the Z-engine, could install it but none of the mods work.
    Just have to wait a bit and see.
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