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hey every one,

i just put together my first system. everything is running fine except for the fast, new HDD. it is detected by the motherboard yet im not sure how to set it up.

the last HDD i set up came with a disk and that went smoothly. this one, a western digital 80gb 7200 hard drive, was oem so it came by itself. i checked the website for setup software but they offer nothing like that. im assuming that there has to be some way to get it set up since it is detected by the mobo. right?

so for now i have to use an older, slower HDD. is there something that i missed?
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  1. Plug it in, run windows install. It'll prompt you to partition and format the disk.

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  2. go to this website:

    and get the data lifeguard tools. That is what I used to set up and partition my 80GB caviar HD from western digital. IT is very easy to use. There is 2 different option you can get one for a computer that already has windows loaded or get the DOS version for a new system that hasn't had an OS loaded yet.

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