AMD FX-8150 + Windows 7 Issues.


I'm having a WHOLE lot of trouble here, I just RMA'd my cpu due to my computer not working correctly and now it seems worse. I have 16 gbs of ddr3 g-skill ram running at 1866MHz and a ASUS SaborTooth 990FX motherboard with an updated bios. And a normal Seagate Hard drive one TB. With a 850 Watt Powersupply from sSeaSonic. I have an after market cooling fan my cpu isn't getting hot about 37 C. Whats happening is.. IE9 will not load pages, it acts like its doing so but doesn't I have to open a new tab and close the other one in order to load a search a page. And while turning on the pc the icons turn white for 10 Secs and then finally go back to normal. I have everything set in the BIOS, I used MSConfig, The hard drive has been defragged. I used CCleaner to remove junk files. I updated all software and updated windows. Yet I'm not able to use IE9 and it seems the PC is almost too slow to use. I have another AMD PC I use only a 4 core IE 9 works great. Which if I had an issue with my ISP both computers should mess up. I've installed both HOXFIXES for AMD's 8150 FX CPU. Nothing seems to work. I need advice. Its driving me Insane.
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  1. it sounds like you may have an issue with your hard drive. I would run a check disk on it. To do so follow this guide
  2. What made you think you needed to rma your cpu??? lol

    You haven't give us the important info we need.

    Is this a new build? Is this a build that WAS working fine but stopped working?

    Did you do a format and fresh Windows install with your new mobo/cpu??
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