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now we all know that tablets with the android OS can get apps from the android market. yet the rise in iPad2 interest cannot be merely because of the seamless transition. in the case of apps being made specially for the iPad2. however the iPad has been around for a while. in shopping for a tablet I was shocked at the prices for iPad2's. if I understand correctly they also have the same or better computing power as a Laptop. ebay is going crazy with iPad2 auctions bid after bid into the hundreds of dollars. what makes the iPad2 so popular?

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  1. Probably due to the "buzz" effect. Every time Apple releases a consumer product (well almost every time), there have been people who just gravitate towards them. It is the cool thing to have and a lot of people just want one. Do they really need an iPad? No, but they will be able to find something to do with it and it becomes a part of their everyday life.

    They have the same computing power of a netbook, or a really weak budget laptop. If there's a tablet out there that has a Llano APU, or Sandy Bridge CPU, then you can say a tablet is as powerful as a laptop.

    One thing that Steve Jobs exceed very well in was to anticipate what consumers wanted even though the consumers didn't know what they want.
  2. What factor is it popular? After a well-known analysts of foreign, come to the following ten factors. Readers may also wish to think about, talk about your ideas.

    1 because it is Apple's

    If no difference, then, the success of Apple's iPhone and iPad because of their development company. In the past decade, Apple has become the technology of the most trusted and popular companies. Because the company to launch a unique and beautiful products. iPhone and iPad will be the world's popular, year after year is because Apple wants to provide consumers with the most stuff.

    (2) Steve Jobs can also be seen as a mark

    For Steve Jobs is the best science and technology industry, the CEO, this is not a clear answer. But there is no doubt that Steve Jobs has a lot of fans, these fans are loyal consumers of Apple products. Steve Jobs has a unique ability to attract audiences, attract media to promote his products. However, other methods such speculation can not be compared to CEO's. Jobs charm, die-hard fan support, iPhone and iPad course, popular friends.

    3 Apple touch-screen era to open up

    When the iPhone was first released, many followers of the technology industry realized the future is touch-screen era. At that time, few people believe that the success of touch screen products to attract consumers. But Apple did with iPhone, and will also touch-screen technology into the iPad, to further consolidate the position. Now, if a non-touch screen smart phone, we will feel it is obsolete. Because Apple is the first to use touch screen technology, access to benefits can not be overemphasized.

    4 physical keyboard obsolete

    In 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone, clearly tells us that the physical keyboard is no longer a necessity for the future market. Steve Jobs and Apple is a physical keyboard as relics of the past, and that no physical keyboard to enter Apple's "cool" brand name. So, Steve Jobs was a gamble, it is to give up the physical keyboard. After doing so, Apple has attracted more and more to follow trendy consumers. Now, looking at sales of more than $ 15 million of the iPhone and the iPad, it is clear that Apple made the right choice.

    5 reasonable price

    iPhone and iPad because they have been selling very reasonable price. iPhone 4 only $ 199 iPad the cheapest is only $ 499. Because the price is affordable, many consumers are starting to buy, would pay for experience are trendy products. If the iPhone and the iPad price is high, then they will not be so popular, that Apple is aware of this.

    6 other products can not keep up the pace of competition

    Android platform products have been out of fashion, but many analysts believe that Google Android mobile operating system early next year may have the main share of the mobile market. However, at present in many products, no other smart phones and tablet PCs to go beyond the iPhone and the iPad. Of course, there are some products can be comparable with them, such as: Motorola Droid X and Motorola Xoom. However, in most cases, consumers still prefer Apple's higher quality products, better design, better software, these are the other products can not keep up.

    7 is a powerful Apple App Store

    In 2008, Apple introduced the App Store application store, many people are uncertain about the price. Some people think it will fail, but some people think that App Store will reach a certain height. Now see the iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X Snow Leopard in the program use, it is clear, App Store success. Since the App Store after the release of the application has been downloaded more than 10 billion. App Store Apple products follow the footsteps, firmly attract consumers. It also deepened the iPhone, iPad use value. We can say that there is no App Store, Apple's products would not be so popular.

    8 novel design

    If Apple wants to prove its product quality, then they would have mentioned the technical product design. Apple Computer has been the most seductive products on the market. iPhone and iPad can say. For example, Apple's new iPhone, ultra-clear screen display technology, allowing users to achieve a sense of near-paper version of the reading, make it stand out from all products. Unless the other company can deliver better screen would be difficult to beat the iPhone or iPad sales.

    9. IOS of excellence

    iPhone and iPad are running Apple's own operating system iOS. More importantly, the other smart phones or tablet PCs are not using iOS platform. So, if consumers want to use iOS system, he must buy Apple products. This is also the popular iPhone and iPad an important factor. Unlike Android, it can run on multiple devices on, iOS belongs only to Apple products. This uniqueness allows Apple sold more products, and consumers feel iOS system is the most beautiful commercial mobile operating system.
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