Can anyone help me choosing my labtop?

Ok so im thinking on buying a new HP notebook and i have two avaivable models for the same price but i just cant decide wich one to go with, can anyone help me with this? :heink: I think this is an expert forum so i came to ask here first.

I need this notebook mostly for gaming while everything else is secondary. The two models are HP Pavilion dv5-1022la and HP Pavillion dv5-1143la.

Here are the specs for the HP Pavillion dv5-1022la:

And here are the specs for the HP Pavillion dv5-1143la:

I think ill go with the dv5-1143 because it has core 2 duo but then again i said i need it mostly for gaming and ive heard dore 2 duo are only good with superior video graphic cards and i have absolutely no idea wich one of them is better :(

Any help and replies is greatly aprecciated.

Thanks :)
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  1. i would go for the dv5-1022la as it has a deicated graphics card.
    however the amd cpu isn't as good as the intel but if you want a laptop for gaming a dedicated graphics card is a must.
  2. I would not go with HP dv9000 series since they hae a left hinge problem or the dv 6000 for the right hinge. On each of the series the hinges broke, and also the customer service was horrible, mine and many other people that had the dv9000 series got a burnt motherboard(no surprise the video card got up to 100c). I would relly recommend a gateway, video card(8800gts) ran at 60c max when playing crysis on medium no aa and 1440x900 resolution, on 17 inch. The hp had a cooler cpu(about 25c idle and 40c full load) The gateway ran at 47c idle and 65c when on full load. Hope this will help(I have had 4 bad experiences with hp and none with Gateway(plus I think the gateway is a better bang for buck.
  3. If you do buy a hp buy the ones where the hinges does not go all the way to the right side and left side.
  4. Neither of these are good for gaming - neither contain a true dedicated GPU. What is your budget? If you can afford a Gateway FX series notebook, get one.
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