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Looking for a tablet

I'm in the market for a tablet, but problem is I'm not sure what to get. But what I do want on my tablet is the ability to play flash and transfer/view any pdf file without going through large hoops and hurdles (such as jail breaking).
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  1. Any top-tier tablet will do what you want. Stay away from the cheap $100 and $200 ones from China though.
  2. If you need to use Adobe, you are ruling out Apple. The other solution is Android table. The best Android tablet available in the market is Acer A500 or Asus Transformer. They are in the mid $400 range. Personally I prefer Asus because of its quality and flexibility.
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    I have an Acer a500. I love it. It is perfect for sitting and relaxing in the evening playing wordfued with my daughter and other friends. It has great color and clear pictures. There is a lot of apps that are suitable for it too. The price was reasonable from Walmart, as were the accessories that I ordered through amazon. I showed it to my friend and she was impressed with the tablet as well. The battery life is really good too. I totally recommend the Acer Iconia A500 tablet.
  4. OH I forgot to add that one of the reasons I purchased this tablet is that it also has a usb port....
  5. Thanks I'll look into an Acer a500.
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