Any way to bypass the 4Gig limit of FAT32?

I had a disk crash, and want to backup all the information on a separate disk on another computer (via eternet).

Well into the process, Norton Diskedit simply terminated...
I checked the files, and sure enough 4Gig of information...
I checked the last part of the file and noticed the hex location FFFFFFFF... I checked, and am told Fat32 is restricted to 4Gigs a file. I am therefore wondering if there are any way to bypass this limitation?
Like changing the file structure or something?
I bet the current disk is set with 4K, maybe 8K clusters, would changing some of these parameters change the file size limit inside fat32???
If not, would it be possible to create a different filesystem and write to it from Windows? A filesystem like Reiser, or something? How would I in this case be able to access it from windows? The destination disk has 40Gigs, and I am trying to send 10Gigs to it, thus 8Gigs won't be enough. I can resize the 40Gig to 20Gig and set up an alternative partition.

As for now, I am using an alternative solution by splitting the disk into several files... it seem not to be that smart, I think I will need more than twice the size when writing to file instead of partitions... If any of you should know of an alternative solution - like a program that can write to another harddisc sector-wise through ethernet *(netbios), I would be interested in knowing!
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  1. Nortons Disk Edit is a part of Nortons Utilities right, you're not actually using Nortons Ghost? You could use Nortons Ghost to make an exact copy of the drive, no matter how big it is, as long as the destination hardrive was big enough, but is there a reason you're trying to do it through an ethernet connection, and not straight from the machine, you're probably going to constantly have to deal with the Gigabyte barriers the way you're trying to do it.
  2. I tried to use Norton Ghost, however it can't do it as it does not find any partitions on the disk.

    My problem is that I had a partititon crash, and am trying to make a complete backup of the surface before manually trying to recover the disk. As Norton Ghost refuses to read a disk without partitions, (even though I also knew it do allow disk cloning if there are partitions,) I am out of luck.

    With Diskedit I am at least able to dump the partition as several indepentent files. I can then, in case it should be necessary dump them back to their positions again even though it is a it would have been easier to dump one file without worrying about what file to dump on what sector numbers.
  3. It's split into 4 gig portions, or rather just over 4 gig portions, so that it can be burnt to dvd's and be backed up off of your disk.

    The latest versions allow you to choose whether or not you want it divided up like this, and also support ntfs (starting v11).
  4. Check the age of the post before you reply... the OP made this post more than 7 years ago...
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