ASUS G50VT-X5 Purchase and inital Impressions...

So... my 3 year old Macbook Pro was getting a little slow for the current games on the market, so I sold it on to a friend. I didn't want to spend more than 1000 dollars on a laptop if I could help it. OSX is cool, but Vista seems pretty good as well. I am not all about the Mac bandwagon anymore. This is a sort of limiting budget for a gamer, but even a mediocre current notebook sports better graphics than a 128mb X1600m. I was in Best Buy when I came across this ASUS G50VT-X5. Specs seemed pretty good considering the price.

-15.6 inch widescreen 1366x768 resolution
-Intel Core Duo P7450 2.13ghz 3mb l2 cache
-4gb ddr2 800mhz
-320gb 7200rpm SATAIII HD
-NVidia GeForce 9800m GS 512mb dedicated gddr3
-9 cell battery
-10 key pad
-Nifty LCD display under screen showing CPU/Memory usage
-6 something pounds

I took advantage of Best Buy's wi-fi to do some reading on comparable notebooks. Turns out I could get a better screen and perhaps a faster processor from Sagar or Alienware, but I would be looking at $1500+ more. and didn't have a notebook with as good a video card, and Apple's are most certainly 1000 bucks with such a nice video card. I have had ASUS motherboards that I have been very pleased with and the laptop seemed pretty solid, so I went for it.

When I got home, I opened the box, booted it up, and set the notebook up with ease. I was pleased to find out the massive battery that protrudes out the back had 40% charge left. Once I cleaned the OS of all the junk software the notebook seemed alot faster. I will try some games out tomorrow, just playing with it tonight.
While it does not have sweet form of the Macbook Pro, it has a very rich feel to it. There doesn't seem to have any weak places anywhere on the laptop. The keys are well spaced out and easy to type with. The 10 keypad is already coming in useful. The LCD function display is very useful, as it constantly displays CPU and Memory usage. Even though its supposed to weigh like 7.5 lbs... it feels only marginally heavier than the Macbook. Heat production is primarily coming from the left vent. Its not bad just web surfing, but during gaming I imagine it will create much more heat from what I have read. Only thing it seems its missing on the keyboard is a light up keyboard and two finger scroll... which is not a big deal at all.

Heres a screen shot of CPUZ... benchmarks and pics tomorrow.

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  1. Nice laptop and specs. I think you are going to be very pleased with it!
  2. This laptop is the slowest laptop i have ever used in all of history.
    no im not a troll I ended up using a desktop insted its an awful laptop.I cant play halo 1 with 30 fps
  3. Why did you dig up a 3yr old forum thread?
  4. WR2 said:
    Why did you dig up a 3yr old forum thread?

    i just hated it i use an older desktop than the laptop that win by far but sorry i didnt see that it was 3 years old.
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