4Gig file limit - Any way to bypass?

While dumping a 10Gig disk to a file on another computer, I ran into the 4Gig file barrier of FAT32... (No more address space, hex FFFFFFFF is reached.)

Are there any ways to bypass this problem?
Could I
1) do it by changing the partition parameters like cluster size etc?
2) install a different filesystem under Windows, like XFS, and write to it through windows using some 3rd party drivers?
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  1. What program are you using? If you're using Ghost, then you can just use the -split=x parameter to automatically split the image into seperate files.

    Also, NTFS doesn't have this problem, so you might want to try converting the partition.
  2. I am using diskedit so I am able to split it in several files. I tried to use ghost too, but because no partitions are recognized, ghost won't use the disk... I had a partition crash, so no partitions are recognized. I know all my files are intact, however, before I am trying to modify the disk directly, I want to back up all the information. As I am using the network to connect the two machines, diskedit won't allow me to write to the physical layer on the target computer, so I need to write to files.

    As partititon FAT 32 does not have problem with 10Gigs, however, it is a filesize limit on 4Gig.
    Are you sure that NTFS does not have a similar filesize limit?
  3. I found this website about filesizes. You are right, NFTS support more than 4 Gigabyte, in fact it supports files upto 18 million Terrabytes according to this information.

  4. NTFS typically has slightly slower performance due to the way its set up. However you can have files over 4Gb in size, it handles huge partitions much better and has better error recovery/correction abilities.

    initially i had a mix of ntfs and fat32 partitions, but now im all ntfs. much betta

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