Black Screen w/Mouse (only if lan cable plugged in)

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this very frustrating issue...

System: Win7x64 pro, 32gb RAM, Asus Z77, i7 2600k. Normally boots in less than 60 secs

Now, today it will boot to a Black Screen with a movable white mouse arrow (not a blinking cursor).

BUT ONLY if the NIC is enabled and the LAN cable is connected. If I unplug the lan cable or disable the NIC in the BIOS it boots fine. Additionally, if I leave the NIC enabled but unplug the lan cable until AFTER it boots to the desktop, I'm fine. (Thus, I can't assume it's a driver issue. Something is happening upon boot via the network.)

I've looked in the Event Viewer and can find where I have to power off the system via a hard reset and I can see errors when it boots and it sees the NIC unplugged but I can't find anything else.

Something else, it only happens on my User Account. I created another account (aptly called Black Screen) and it booted fine with the NIC enabled and plugged in.

I'm running NIS2012, updated and have done a full scan twice now.

Finally, thinking it was a startup service/program under my original user account I used msconfig to disable all non MS services and disable every startup. It still booted to a Black Screen w/cursor if the NIC was enabled and plugged in. Furthermore, Safemode w/o networking is fine but safemode w/networking has the same problem. BUT ONLY IF THE NIC IS PLUGGED IN AT BOOT - NOT AFTER THE BOOT.

Edit: updated Malwarebytes - scanned and found nothing.
Used MS Security Essentials - scanned and found nothing.

Any ideas?
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  1. Do you use a fixed IP address or DHCP? If it' a fixed address, check if it is a twice in your LAN. If it is DHCP, check you router config.
  2. It seems to be something in your profile. wonder if you were to use the profile migration wizard from your profile to copy your profile to a newly created profile if it would have the issue on the new profile.
  3. 1. I do use assigned IP addresses. Checked router to see if it was added twice - it wasn't.
    2. Assuming it is something with my profile as it uses the same IP address/router connection just under a different profile. Would like to identify what it is with the profile - if I rebuild/migrate I'm going to add everything again anyway so I'd like to know what to avoid.
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