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i just recieved my Highpoint RocketRaid 100 IDE RAID controller. I am a bit confused with installing the drives correctly. Do i plug the hardrives directly into the raid controller? When I do that, i insert my XP disc, hit F6 to install raid drivers, and after i do that the computer cannot detect the drives to install XP????

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  1. Its probably a CMOS setting not enabled or set right.

    Make sure first boot device is SCSI and make sure (if its in your particular CMOS setup) that Boot Other Device is Enabled.

    If that doesn't solve your problem, post what Motherboard make and model you have.

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  2. Did you setup the RAID array? You need to add the drives to an array in the RAID controller BIOS (Ctrl-H to enter I think), even if it's just one drive.

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