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What's 16:10 aspect ratio and 1:1 display mode?

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October 30, 2006 2:57:08 PM

I was looking at getting a BenQ FP241W.

I've been unable to find any in-depth reviews on it aside from the brief shopper reviews on Newegg. Sounds like a pretty nice monitor, but one reviewer mentioned a lack of "1:1 display mode" and forcing every input it had into a "16:10 full screen format". Is that anything to be concerned about?

I was initially deciding between this and a Samsung LCD HDTV, but I'm mainly going to be using as my computer screen and LCD HDTVs are far too blurry from that close. I'll also be using it for 360 and future consoles.


WUXGA 1900x1200
0.27mm pixel pitch
500 cd/m2 brightness
1000:1 contrast ratio
16ms (6ms Gray to Gray) response times*

In comparison to HDTVs the contrast ratio is a good deal lower. Is that something to worry over this screen considering the console gaming I'd like to do?

And would someone mind clarifying the response times they've listed? I hadn't seen the "gray to gray" one before and was wondering if either of the two would give me problems with ghosting.

It's $799 from Newegg (when it gets back in stock), which is a bit steep compared to other models. It has VGA, DVI, component and an HDMI, which is a nice bonus for me. I'll be able to hook up my PC and 360 using the first two inputs and still have the component and HDMI left for other components.

Anyway, I was hoping I could get some more info on this so I can make a better judgement on a purchase. Thanks.

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October 30, 2006 4:54:23 PM

I don't know the answers to some of your questions but I know a little about the 16:10 aspect ratio. You probably know that HDTV uses a 16:9 aspect ratio, which means that if you measure the width of the screen and divide it into 16 identical units, the screen's height will be nine of these units. An aspect ratio of 16:10 will be just a bit taller.

My understanding is that computer displays use 16:10 to make it a little better for showing two documents side by side.

As for monitors, I got a ViewSonic VX2235 a couple of weeks ago and it's good. At $350 (Costco's price), it's a good value. CAn't much help you with the rest of your questions.

October 31, 2006 11:12:46 AM

1:1 display mode basically means the input signal will be display as sent. This is useful if you plan on using the monitor for non HD sources. If you connect a DVD player to the component input it will force the picture into the native resolution, instead of approximating 480p.

I'd love to know what kind of performance those who have it are seeing with it as a DVD player monitor.. Although chances are I'd hook my Xbox 360 up to it and call it a day.
October 31, 2006 1:04:19 PM

I ordered it last night and I'll post impressions when I get it in.