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SATA RAID5 for massive DV25 video storage?

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July 2, 2004 1:37:30 PM

Hi all,

Great site and forum this is!

At we are building a big streaming video archive of live concerts. Because we shoot shows every week we are overwhelmed with DVCAM tapes (DV25 is our source). And this is not working for us. Although it is reasonably safe to store all of the concerts on tape we cannot re-edit the shows without capturing the shows again. We are also not capable of transcoding our entire archive to the newest codecs and bitrates. That's why we are looking for a harddisk solution.
I'm thinking of a SATA RAID 5 storage system up to 15-30 TB. This would be the big DV-stream vault where our editors would download the DV-streams of their choice from to edit them on their own SATA RAID0 workstations. From this vault we would also be batch-encoding our entire archive once in a while.

Would this be a usefull system for me?

Any help would be much appreciated.


July 3, 2004 9:20:57 PM

15 - 30 TB should probably go SCSI and will be $$$. You're looking at some serious hardware.

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July 4, 2004 11:58:46 AM

Might wanna look at a company such as this <A HREF="" target="_new">;/A> they specailise in large storage solutions.

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July 10, 2004 11:27:31 PM

Start saving, 30 TB in SCSI!!! It would be reliable and fast, but the money and hardware required to setup that, would be really expensive.