Laptop on airplane - in seat power supply to low


I'm planning a flight in business class (Lufthansa).

They mention that their in seat power supply is rated at 70W max.

My laptop, a Dell Latitude 100L, draws 90W.

Does that mean I won't be able to charge my laptop at all during that long flight?

Isn't the ISPS max output of 70W a little low considering today's laptop power requirement (up to 150 W) on some models.

Thanks for the answer.
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  1. Your notebook can consume a maximum of 90 Watts - that doesn't mean it does all the time. Its power usage will depend on what you're doing on it. If you have it off, but plugged in and charging, you should be fine. The average notebook today is around 65W - 100W+ models are gaming notebooks, and are rare.
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