Simple question about generic drivers

I think I know the answer but I just wanna be sure, couldnt find anything through google searches.

Do I need to uninstall the generic drivers that come with Win 7 for my GPU before I install nvidia drivers? Or do I just write over those?

thanks in advance
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  1. No there is no need and besides even if you did if there was any problem with your video card drivers at a later date then Windows would resort to the Generic ones. Best to leave them installed.
  2. k, im not seeing any nForce drivers installed in the Control Panel, do i need to update those as well?

    Does a win 7 custom clean install transfer any old drivers?

    All im seeing is generic drivers for all components - Hard Drive, DVD drive, Monitor, Network etc via the device manager

    first time doing this any extra advice is appreciated

  3. The drivers that come with Win 7 will get Windows up and functional. Especially for graphics cards you need to iinstall the appropriate driver. Download the latest and install.

    You will need to do that with sound drivers as well other major devices. Windows does not install the control applications many devices need for full functionality. I prefer to not install the control application for network adapters as it usually installs a lot of bloat...just my opinion...

    Install Windows, then go to the sites of the various hardware devices and download and install...
  4. Right on, Ive updated the gpu driver, nforce chip driver, I decided to forgo the nforce network access manager as Ive heard it is not necessary and can create some issues; is that what you were referring to?

    I will do the monitor driver and theres an issue with my creative fatality x-fi plat champ and win 7 so Ill need to contact their cs

    How do I update my hard disk driver?

    Im just trying to think if theres anything else im missing

    thanks for the response
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