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Hello everyone!
This is my first post on these great boards of yours. I've got a question for all you knowledgable peeps out there. I'm just starting to get into music recording (I've got a start-up rock band) and want to know if there are any really good books or websites that would help a noob on his way. I'd like to know about what kind of hardware and software I need for my computer and the pros and cons of the different brands and such. I've got some info off of THG and I wanted to say thanks to you all, but is there's got to be websites dedicated to this kind of stuff right? Thanks in advance to all that post here!
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  1. I was thinking about doing the same thing. Only problem will be with the drums. This is what I was thinking of...
    <A HREF="" target="_new"> Delta 66</A>
    You could get a cheap digital drum set (which will run for 999) or use a microphone to pick up the drums. With this you can have every one plugged into it (limit is four, more equals big bucks) with the four 1/4" inputs and have four headphone sets for everyone (with four 1/4" outputs.) Just dont plug an amp to it because it will likely blow the card, and some internals of the PC because of the impediance and all the magical crap. I figure one for mic, one for guitar, one for bass and one for drums.

    Good thing about that is you don't need an amp hooked up because the headphones will do that for you and with the headphones you can make different adjustments so everyone can here what they need to or what they want to (I think.)

    Now you got me wanting to buy one. I used to have a bunch of good sites for that crap but now I can't find them.

    [mind went blank]
  2. Sorry, the delta 66 is 6-in/6-out, even better. The 4-in/4-out one (delta 44) has a retail price of $300, not to bad if you consider that you can keep it for a long time (longer than a PC.)

    Just make sure you have a nice system for it. Latancy will kill any audio recordings. You may also want to invest in more powerful audio editing software. I'd get that after getting the hardware to see how well the bundled software is.

    [mind went blank]
  3. Thanks for the pointers. I've been looking at a few packages from M-Audio and E-MU. I'm not too sure what I'm going to do. I also have a friend that's going to sell me his copy of ProTools software. He doesn't use it anymore. I do have another "noob" question. I was told that I'd have to buy a preamp. Isn't the I/O box that comes with the Delta 66 the preamp? Or am I way off? Thanks again!
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