Intel Dual Core , Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD- which one is better ?

what is the differences between Intel Dual Core , Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD? which one is better and worth it to buy. i need a guide to buy a laptop.
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  1. In terms of performance/Watt, the Intel core 2 duo series trumps every other mobile processor. They peform well, keep cool, and don't consume too much power. The AMD series are worse in every regard, but are generally cheaper. If you don't need ht power, the AMD will do you fine.
  2. CPU comparison is only a part of choosing your laptop. You need to be more specific about your usage in order to choose the right laptop.

    Here is a link for comparing CPUs

    The first and foremost factor is budget and then is the required performance. So sort these out and then start looking for the best laptop in that budget.
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