Nvidia drivers for a sony running XP Pro

so i made the mistake of buying a sony vaio (gotta live with it). And now i can't get any video drivers to work. Sony does not support XP at all and Nvidia does not support sony laptops. Does anyone know of either a 3rd party driver or workaround?
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  1. yes thats true big mistake but many people still beleive Sony laptops are good...sad

    anyway, did you go to nvidia website?
    switch on your laptop by pressing the on button
    go to the internet
    go to download drivers
    and look for (automaticaly install my driver)
    a yellow bar will apear click and install...
    this will detect your chip and then guide you to the right download page
    and then download the driver in the result page and bob should be your uncle..

    let me know
    if this doesn't work it means your sony was designed for vista only
  2. Nvidia doesn't support Sony - no manufacturer of a part supports the people that use the parts...they only support their part. Nvidia's website should have a driver to suit your card. Else, you can always go to laptopvideo2go.com.
  3. right, guess i worded it wrong. Didn't mean to say that nvidia doesn't support sony, nvidia doesn't support the 8400m in my sony laptop. I downloaded the correct driver for it but it said there is no nvidia compatable hardware on my system. and when i went to contact nvidia the page said they do no support any sony hardware. Thanks for the help guys but i've decided to give the laptop to my parents and go buy a useful laptop for myself (buyin a sony is a mistake i won't repeat).
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