SM Bus Controller - Satellite L875D-S7210

Hi all,
I need to install the SM Bus COntroller for my Toshiba Satellite L875D-S7210 but i can not seem to find any in my searches.. Please help

OS: Win 7 64bit
CPU: A6 4400m

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  1. thanks for the quick reply but i can not see:

    SM Bus Controller anywhere there..
  2. You won't see it as a separate driver because it's part of the Chipset drivers.
  3. maybe im going blind in my old age, can't even see Chipset Drivers..

    I DL'd HW Driver - Allows setting changes.
    I DL'd System Drivers - ATI Catalyst only,
    I DL'd media, usb, lan, wifi drivers but no sign of:
    Chipset or Bus Drivers..
  4. What a pain the ass to find the chipset driver, even AMD make it difficult, so off to old faithful and got one from Asus for the A70M chipset.
  5. Man, your repy has solved a big issue!
    I hope this reply will be stored safely on the THW Servers and the link last forever!

    Do you have an idea how to install the display driver? The The AMD Auto detect does not work I have an US L870D with A10-4600K and their driver support is crap as written above...
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