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Currently I have an IMac (only Apple product in our house) in our kitchen which functions a communal e-mail checker, web browser etc., but primarily a glorified you tube and itunes jukebox.

I have no experience with tablets, but I was wondering if I could mount a TV in the kitchen and wirelessly stream web content via a tablet? Tablet would need to function as keyboard and mouse/trackpad – this seems less than ideal, any ideas? I am keen to lose the 24” IMac in favour of wall mounted TV and the very small footprint of a tablet.

As I understand it this is possible with an IPad 2 and Apple TV, are there any other options?

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  1. Get a web enabled TV, no need for a second device.

    Take a look at this site for some options http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=2343832011

    Roku player will also do this or a box similar to that. You can't run a tablet as a keyboard to the TV unless you use the TV as a monitor for the tablet display.
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