Samsung 940BF problems, Help plz

I have bought my Samsung Syncmaster 940BF this friday, after having a CRT monitor for years, and i can say that im satisfied with it in almost everywhay exept the colours. The RED colour isnt red at all, its resembles red but not quite the desired colour.

For example when i turn on my PC, and i get the AMerican Megatrend sign, instead of it beeing red its bordoux (cherry colour), and in the game Titan quest, when i open character screen the HP numbers that are suposed to be RED are instead a little PINK-ish variant of red, or a more violet like red colour. (Its not only 2 cases, the red isnt red anywhere, these are just obviuos examples)
Are LCDs suposed to have a little diferent colours, is this the case of this monitor, i tinkered arround with diferend modes and settings, but the problem persisted, couldnt get the RED i need always it was pinkish (or a little bordoux if u will).

Plz, someone knowledgable reply, and tell me if this is a samsung 940 BF common thing (or LCD commong thing), is it just not ajusted right, or is this the case of my particular monitor, and i should go and replace it.

Note: All the other colours are fine, dont see any problems with them.
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  1. Hi,

    I have recently bought the same monitor. I installed the software that came with the screen but the colours were off (reds were too pink and rich) and the brightness was a bit off too.

    No amount of fiddling worked but eventually I found out it was my graphics card software interfering. I have a Nvidia Geforce 5500FX card with all the Nvidia desktop management and adjustment tools. They appear to be incomcatible with the screen software. I uninstalled the Samsung stuff and just use the graphics card adjustments. It wnow works just fine.

    This may help in some way, it may not... Good luck

  2. Could be calibration issues like EugenT hinted at. You might have a driver or piece of software on your computer modifying the way the monitor shows the colors. Have you tried the monitor on another computer? Have you tried the other connection (if you were using DVI, try VGA)?

    Does pure red (rgb 255,0,0) look pure red like it should?
    How about at all the different color temperatures and brightness/contrast settings?
  3. Thx for the feed back, but i took my monitor to the samsung Service center in my town, and they called me in a few days and i picked up my monitor. DUnno if they gave me a new one or did something to the old one, but the red colour prioblems is no more, without uninstalling any drivers, i pluged it in my PC just as i left it and now it works great.
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