Best company in lap top

plz suggests me a good cmpy for lap top
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  1. What's your budget? What are you going to use it for?
  2. frozenlead said:
    What's your budget? What are you going to use it for?

    Yup, need some more info from ya bud.
  3. Gateway or Sager is pretty good!
  4. I'd say Asus is a pretty good brand. I have a F8-C1 myself and its been perfect. Other brands I've tried are Dell and Sony and they both sucked!
  5. I have just brought a HP G70 and am very happy
  6. I have a dv9000 w/ an Intel chip/nVidia 7600 GO and a dv8000 with an AMD/ATI (200M) combo. The dv8000 only came with 128mb of graphics memory, which I am now finding VERY frustrating when I am sure you ALL are saying...."damn, sooooo not enough!!".....but my dv9000 has 256mb, and is getting by just OK.

    I am not a technically savvy guy......YET....hence why I love Tom's Hardware!!! My fiance' plays the dv8000 and I am now in the market of upgrading her to a more mainstream power laptop. I am still on the fence with should I go with an Intel Core Duo/nVidia combo with AT LEAST 512mb, or an AMD/ATI combo with at least the same.

    We are new to gaming, but have played enough to say......WE NEED MORE POWER SCOTTY!!! Honestly, both laptops have been problem free, but HP has not been known to make a decent gaming system. I have been pricing the Asus brands as well as Acer. Sager does make a very NICE laptop setup, but damn, I am not gonna give up my first born for it though.

    My budget is $1300 for a very nice gaming laptop with at least 512mb or 1gb of video memory and I like the dual core setup. So, if anyone has any suggestions......I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks much!!!
  7. The Gateway FX P7805 (check that number) would be pretty close to your budget and has what you want.
  8. Dell then toshiba

    price. warranty, durable, self hardware diagnosis tools, online downloads.
    wide range of used parts for sale, cheaper parts, more room for upgrades
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