Video Monitoring via web cams


I've got a question regarding video monitoring via webcams.
I want to get a (outside) setup, where I can install web cams (or something of the like)
and anytime there is motion detected, play a alarm/audio file.
Does anyone have any recommended approaches to this?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. well if its outside webcams arent weatherproof and arent good in poor light

    i started with cheap cameras and immediately regretted it--its no good if you want video evidence of something

    and the footage is too poor to recognise any one

    what sort of budget do you have?

    and how many cameras do you want to run

    there are many softwares to do what you want--i have tried about 20 different ones and this one wins hands down--its got great options--you can set different profiles for different times of days or different days ie weekends

    you can adjust the sensitivity of motion detection--block out areas you dont want detected ie if a tree is moving in the wind etc

    add your own text to each camera and loads more--play alarm when motion detected--popup window when motion detected

    its not free but its worth every penny and you can get a trial version to test it out

    you could also use a stand alone dvr but i prefer running my cameras through the pc--much easier to browse files etc
  2. Thank you, I checked out BlueIris, and its pretty sick, no lies.
    I think I'm going to go with that.
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