I need help concering a graphics card!!

6770 is in a pci e slot on my Ga-z68XP-ud3 revision 1.

Now let me just say it is not located in windows 8, and I am connected currently to the on board video.. hdmi port on the motherboard. I bet when I try to use this to install it still will not work:

the amd windows driver for windows 8 64 bit I was asked to install. i'll try again.. but there is not even a catalyst untility that gets installed.. if I go to my graphics card and connect to the hdmi or dvi it is blank.. but the on board hdmi works..

I also wanted to try using lucid virtu logix.... What is the problem?
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  1. have u using window 8 consumer version
  2. few simple things...you forgot to plug in all the power cables to the video card. (some need two). the card not seated in the slot..it should click when seated. sometimes there an irq issue with the mb and the pci card. tell by putting the card in the other pci slot and see if it works. there could be a bent pin or dint in the first pci slot or a missing pin on the video card. could be a bios issue too...sometime there are bios patches to fix small bugs.
  3. just connect to dvi port of gpu because hdmi is for mutiple display not single display use dvi to single moniter
  4. hdmi is not for multiple displays

    HDMI is for audio + video, and carries the same video signal as dvi-d.
  5. Dvi is better for video quality though. Either way not the point... Dvi can be used with multiple monitors... and Hdmi is not for multiple displays, as was said it is audio+ video and has it's uses.. but it's video quality is not better than DVI standard.

    My issue can not be me not connecting power connector as was said. I have a 750 watt ocz fully modulat zt series, and I checked all the connections prior to install and 6770 if you guys looked only uses one, ONE six pin power plug.

    The fact is the MOBO refuses to disable the stupid onboard graphics when it was installed.. it happened with a XFX R7770 BE of my cousins i inserted in his pc also.

    So... I RMAed the board it could have been bent pins in the pcie slots or bent cpu slot pins.. point is they will be giving me a new mobo i hope still can not tell by ups if it reached these guys yet.. most likely they will get it monday-wednesday of next week... until then I do not know what to say.

    i'll post in here again very soon.. and give the results. I maybe buying a 812 tc also..
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