Have multiple recovery partitions, which to delete?

Hello, i was setting up my new laptop to be a dual boot machine (W7 + Ubuntu) but got an error message that i was already at the maximum number of partitions on my HDD. there is my C:/ drive, a G:/ drive called data (19.53GB, containing recovery_dvd 1, 2, and 3 .iso's) and two recovery partitions ( 11GB and 100MB, the 100MB one says it is active. are both recovery drives and the G:/ Data necessary? i burned what thought was a recovery disk when i got the computer, but looking back i think i accidently burned a system repair disk instead. i also have a backup on an external harddrive (it confirms it in the backup and restore window). 180GB in C:/ drive so its too much to backup on to dvds at this point, unless that's what recovery_dvd iso's in G:/ drive are for? they are small enough to burn, so i would be happy with doing that and removing both recovery partitions if necessary.

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance!
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  1. Your question is?
    Leave the 100mb partition along as its used by windows. The 11Gb recovery partition looks it come with your laptop and should contains an oem recovery image. See if you can open it (might have to assign it a driver letter in computer management first). There should be a large file with the extension .wim, that would be an image of your operating system.
    I would keep that one and delete G drive (maybe back up the iso onto dvd just in case). Then repartition your hard drive into size you want.
  2. oops just realized that all of my : /'s became faces lol.

    my question was i was making sure that they are not necessary for windows operation before i deleted anything. and you answered it! just figured out, the 11Gb is a factory MSI partition labeled bios_rvy. so i will probably burn the .iso's, totaling two external backups so im ok with erasing bios_rvy and the G drive at that point, as i need two extra partitions for my multiboot. thanks for the help!
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