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in our company i made a securities that the employee could na install any apps etc... this is my setup... i go to group policy editor then user configuration/administrative template/system/run only specified windows application... i enable the run only specified windows application with the apps that i want to run in that computer... everything is ok and set... but 1 problem is i cannot copy, paste and cut files or folder... can anyone help me? or someone knows what is the exe file of copy, paste & cut... tnx :D...
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  1. my os is windows 7 32bit by the way :D...
  2. The movement of files and folders within the file system is controlled by permissions. Generally you won't be able to cut, copy or paste files/folder within the Windows and Program Files folders unless you're an administrator, even then Windows will prevent you from moving certain files and folders. The logged on user's folder ("c:\users\<insert username here>\") is generally fair game. I cannot remember about the rest.

    What files/folders are you trying to cut, copy and/or paste?
  3. tnx for your reply. office files like ms word, excel, powerpoint... im already running as administrator and still cannot copy or transfer file :(... example from my desktop to my drive d... when i copy the files and paste it to drive d nothing happens.
  4. can anyone help me pls :(...
  5. Do you mean files created with MS Office programs or the programs themselves? Have you checked permissions on drive D:?
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