Some of the keys on my new wireless computer keyboard display different characte

Some of the keys on my wireless keyboard produce something entirely different on the monitor. For instance, if I press Shift, and then 2 to get an @, I get a quotation mark on the monitor. Pressing the shift and quotation mark gives me an @. This thing is made in China. Is it wired wrong or do they not know English?
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  1. Ah, did you install any drivers if they came with it? Any other wireless devices plugged in? Thats the only thing I can think of right now.. other then it being defective.
  2. Ah, you've just discovered one of the little idiosyncrosies between the UK and US keyboard layouts.

    Try setting your default input language (Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Keyboards and Languages (tab) -> Change Keyboards... ) to English US.
  3. Oh. haha that does look to be the problem. You can read more about it here:

    Good info, thanks paul I never knew that.
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