Dell 2407wfp vs. Samsung 244T vs. HP LP2465

All around $750

Will be hooking up a macbook pro at various points, and using it as an extended desktop.

Graphic design, no gaming.

Any pointsers (Hose?)
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  1. If it's for graphics, then the easy answer is to only choose IPS variants. TN, MVA, and PVA variants might experience slight color shifs bad for image editing. I have not personally confirmed PVA or IPS, just basing it on what I've heard.

    Based on that, none of the panels you mentioned appear to be IPS (they all appear to be a PVA variant).

    There is a 23" Apple display that it S-IPS. Also, they might release a 24" version sometime.... don't know.

    BTW, this site compares the Dell and Samsung model:

    Just goes to show that you will probably want to get a color calibrator too.

    Also, for the panel border, I am told that a neutral grey is the best for image editing (as opposed to black).
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