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I just got an NEC 2500a dvd burner and tried plugging it in. When I did, it got recognized as a secondary master drive, which I plan to try to change later. However when I did install this drive, my floppy drive ceased to work. Everytime I boot, my startup stops on the error "Floppy Disk Drive error (40)" I have no idea what this means but I can't use my floppy drive in windows. Anyone know how to fix this problem? Also Does anyone know how to change drives from, for example, secondary master to primary slave?

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  1. Double check inside your case and make sure you didnt jiggle any cables loose while you were installing the DVD.
  2. If the led on the front of your floopy drive comes on and stays on all the time, your data cable is on backwards. If it never comes on, then either data cable or power cable came loose. As he said, check cables.
  3. i checked both ends of the IDE connecting the floppy drive and made sure they were in right, but I still get the "floppy disk drive fail (40)" error at the startup. Is there any other possible diagnosis? Or is there some way to look for it on my computer?

    Black and Orange is the way to go.
  4. err so I found what was loose on the drive... thanks for the help!

    Black and Orange is the way to go.
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