My microphone stopped working

So my disk drive wasn't working so my husband installed a new driver, it fixed my disk drive, but now my mic (built in) stopped working. I really need it to work bc my husband has PCS-ed to Japan for 18 months, and skype is kind of out only option to talk. Can anybody help me??

Thank you
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  1. Go to Control Panel
    Click on Sound
    Click on the Recording tab
    Does anything show up?
    Could you provide the make and model of your computer in case it is a drive issue?
  2. when I go to the control panel and click on the recording tab it has two microphones listed, but the icon looks like the standing mic's (I have no idea if that makes a difference) My computer is an ASUS Altec Lansing.
    thank you so much
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    I think that is the standard image for the microphone. I checked Sound on my computer to be sure and I have the same image but it indicates it is not plugged in which is correct in my case. Does it show the driver under each microphone? In my case it is Realtek High Definition Audio. If you select one of the microphones you should be able to click on the configure button at the bottom. Let me know if you don't see the configure button or you can't configure the microphone(s).
  4. Well it just started working this morning out of nowhere. I have no Idea what the problem was, but it's working now. It did say realtek high definition underneath it and when I pushed the configure button I didn't know what do to after that. Thank you so much for responding and helping me out. It really means a lot to me :)
  5. My pleasure, glad I could help.
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