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I have recently purchased a HP Pavilion and it's worked great until the last week. Now I can't get it to download ANYTHING completely, I can load any game or most pictures. When I try to download something it will start the download and stop before it finishes. It completely just freezes the download up. I have contacted HP and they tell me it's my internet provider, but there are 3 other computers in the house that are Dell and they work perfectly. Can someone help please????
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  1. Try System Restore to a date prior to the problem. If that fails, try running your machine in Safe Mode with Networking, see if it successfully downloads. If so, it would appear to be a process you are running in Normal that is interfering with Downloads. Try Clean Startup to isolate the problem
  2. I have tried all that. I have even done the recovery dics from HP and wiped it clean and still have the same problem. When I was in safe mode it still wouldn't do anything. :(
  3. How are you connecting to your Router, w/less or cable? Try to see if both methods fail... I suspect you're connecting wirelessly, in which case your wireless adapter could be failing. Suspect you may have to insist on returning it to your vendor. If possible try connecting it to a neighbour's network just to rule out a possible conflict with your router
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