How to clean HD running aVM

Running Windows 7 in Dual mode with XP in VM.

How should Iclean the hard drive? Should I:
1. Click on Start the VM and load Windows XP
2. Go to Windowx XP
3. Click on Start>All Programs>Accesories> System tools > Dick Cleaner
3. Go to Windows 7
4 Click on Start > All Programs > System Tools > Disk Cleaner
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  1. go a head but also do fragmentation in your host PC & Virtual machine
  2. Defrag a XP VM isn't worth the effort as 7 will already be moving the VHD during its defrag.
  3. win 7 will defrag """"""""""""""VHD files"""""""""" not .vmdk is created by vmware applications & windows can only see it as only ONE cant defrag it.. you have to use the option available from vmware
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