Convert to basic disk without losing data

while converting dynamic to basic we need any external hard disk for backuping or by software we can do it????
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  1. Some methods are listed here:

    Be careful though - some of these require a fairly high level of knowledge and it's always good practice to back everything up first. Testdisk is a powerful tool but you need to know what you're doing. Hope this helps!
  2. there a program to do it, but it kindda hard to use..... (I'm forget the name, i will update when i get home)

    For the best result it advised to backup any important data first.
  3. No need, just copy the contents of the partition to an external disk (i.e. the backup). You need a software to that. Preferable EaseUS Partition Master Home edition or something. Free version i think. Download and install it from their website and you are good to go.

    I used the same software when converting my dynamic partition to basic partition.
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