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Dell Axim X5 w-pocket Pc os 4 20 1081 (build 13100) pdf reader download

We have a Dell Axim X5 with what we believe is windows 2002 (4.20.1081 - build 13100)

1. can't find a PDF reader that will download always get not compatible with op system. we've downloaded from window, adobe, serveral different times. nothing works.
2. can't connect using wireless card. doesnt seem to reconize completely/correctly. not sure.

does anyone have a link for a pdf download that works?
do i need to update the op system?
do i need a driver for the wireless card?

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    Hello GaOkie;

    Your Axim X5 is using Pocket PC 2002 as an OS.
    Did you download the Adobe Reader for Pocket PC 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003 version?
  2. An alternative: PocketXpdf
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