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HI guys,

I need a laptop according to the below needs for my uncle

He always roams around in flights each and every day so : Business type

Doesnt do much work,works on MS Office , checks E-mail and does Video Presentations

He requires a light weight , ultra portable with a good battery life ( not the best )

Price : 1000 - 2000 $ ( 2000 is the upper limit )

I have gone thru Cnet ratings and have found out

DELL M1330

which Im not sure of the best deal. I want to know the latest best available laptops for this price and the requirements.

Please Suggest me asap ! guys.... He if gonna come this weekend to the home !

I cant just decide myself Please help me out on this issue !
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  1. Both of those laptops are 13.3" screens. If you have 1-2k to spend, take a look at the Sony Vaio Z. It's very lightweight with great battery life but it has some muscle under the hood as well. It's what I'm hoping to purchase for college next year.
  2. I wouldn't recommend a Sony for a business goer - too cheaply made to take the potential damage. The Lenovo is as close to a tank as you can get these days, has good battery life, and the 13" screen will be just fine for word and powerpoint. IBM machines also have a pretty good reputation and are, in a sense, the "real" professional notebook.
  3. Hi Frozenlead I would like to know if u suggest me any model for Lenovo ... U could give me the best till it reached 2000k.
  4. The X300 you stated is a very popular and successful ultraportable notebook.
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