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I bought an ASUS laptop and it came with no disk. I not only do not want the bloatware but I want to switch the HDD out for a newly purchased SSD. How can I do this? I want to use the license that came with the laptop, obviously.

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    You should be able to burn yourself a bootable disk.... hmm.

    I'm not sure exactly where to find that on the Microsoft website though. Microsoft should let you download an unregistered version of windows from somewhere, that you could type your registration code into after installing.

    If Microsoft doesn't have something like this maybe Asus does? Can you request a disk?

    A program like Belarc Advisor should help you copy all the registration codes and etc off of your PC so that you dont accidentally lose anything when you do this.
  2. If you have access to a win 7 installation disk, either for one of your other computers or barrow one from a frend.

    You can use that, just do NOT enter the activation code during the installation. After install is complete, then activate using the key code on your laptop. Only qualification is that version matchs your version, ie Win 7 Home preium, use a win 7 home premium disk.
    As deadlocked stated.

    Once installation is complet, drivers loaded, programs loaded and win 7 is activated.

    Go to Control panel, Bukup and Image your C drive to either external HDD (prefered) or a set of DVD disk. When image is completed you will be prompted to create a BOOTALE repair Disk so that at any time you can restore windows to EXACTLY as it was when you created the Image.
    ** Never have the problem again**
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  4. Thanks to both of you guys.
  5. Let us know how it goes!
  6. I swapped out the drive and reinstalled a new copy of Windows 7 Home Premium that I procured online. I had no problem using the same serial on the bottom of the machine to activate it, but the one that Belarc Advisor gave me was not correct, strangely. So, it works!

    The bad: it was a nightmare getting all the laptop drivers from ASUS. At first the lan and wlan didn't work and then when they did it still took me hours to find the other essential drivers. Not sure how to avoid that in the future, but I would seriously advise somebody to think about that first as it took me over 5 hours to get the laptop back to working order!

    Thanks again for the help!
  7. The "nightmare" is resolved.
    Go to windows 7 controll panel, then to backup. Seclect create an image of your "C" drive. Select a internal HDD to store the image (I also copy this image to an external HDD). After image is completed you will be propted to create a restore disk.

    Should you need to re-load windows - USE THIS IMAGE. Pop in restor disk (infact any windows Installation disk should work). Select repair, then restor from image. 15 Mins later you can reboot and windows is EXACTLY as it was when the image was created. NO re-install windows, NO wait on 1500 Windows updates (LOL), NO reload drivers - No reload programs (Except what was changed after the Image was made)
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