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Hello. I've had the compaq pressario v2405us since February. Originally I haven't had problems with the dvd drive. I've since upgraded the memory to 2gig. For some reason when I try to play DVD's the sound breaks up when it plays. Even when I use an external drive.(and with three different player programs) What can I do to get the sound to play smoothly like it did when I got it? Thanks.
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  1. Is the problem gone when you go back to the old memory configuration?
    Is the dvd-drive listed as "dma" in device manager?
    (rightclick "my computer" - properties- hardware- device manager. Expend ide controller and see if they are both set to dma in their properties)
    Are those sticks of the same speed, both pc2700 or pc2100?
  2. the primary ide is set for "dma if available" and transfer mode is ultra dma mode 5. The secondary IDE is set for "dma if available" but the transfer mode is pio for device 0.
    I have no idea what any of this means btw.
    The sticks are identical. And I incurred this problem long after I put them in. Thanks much.
  3. Mmmm, try to force it to dma mode, and restart the pc. dma mode is the option to get, it means direct-memory-acces and is really needed for fast data streaming. One other thing (but mostly it is solved by the pio-dma change), could also be the ide-driver, most computermakers add their own, but usually the microsoft ones work better. Might want to check your dual channel ide controller for that. Should be listed next to the primairy and secondairy one. If you need the microsoft one, choose update driver and let windows do a suggestion.
  4. The secondary device is not allowing me to change current transfer mode from pio to dma even thought transfer mode seems set to dma if available.
    When I tried to update the driver, the wizard says it cannot do it. Any thing else I could possibly do? Thanks again.
  5. You are welcome.
    Try if you can do a driverupdate and choose the option to pick one from a list, (display a list of drivers for this device and choose one from it)? What driver is the dual channel controler using now?
    Odd that it can't be put to dma-mode, coz that is the normal mode for dvd drives for a . Have you checked the bios configuration, is the drive not restricted by the setting there? (F10 on post I guess).
    Maybe you should uninstall those players, and start from scratch. It could be programs disturbing eachother, likely with ones that have disc detectors loaded on startup of the computer.
    Another option is to remove the drives and ide controllers from hardware manager, restart and let it reinstall.
  6. I updated the drivers as you suggested and it seems to be working properly now. Thanks very much for the help :D
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