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Hey, all...

I'm looking for at least one (preferably 2-3) short FREE
demo/intro modules for HERO, preferably in different genres
and different power-levels. One module with an "excuse" to
run at 2 or more power-levels would also be cool (maybe even
the most cool! e.g. start with "Talented Normals" or even
"Heros" (50-75 points), then have 'em go through an "event"
that elevates them to super-level; both versions of the
character-sheet would be pre-gen's).

My situation is this...

I'm going to DunDraCon this month, and my eldest daughter
(who is a gamer, and has hooked her friends on D&D) is
bringing a couple of friends for their first-ever RPG-Con.
The friends are a bit nervous, and one of the things I'd
like to do is run a session or two of a non-d20 game so
they get a taste of some other mechanics. I have at least
4 people who will play, maybe up to 6.

Looking over the schedule, I see that HERO mechanics are the
#2 mechanic at the 'con (21 separate games, by my count), so
my first choice to show 'em is HERO. Since HERO runs at
*SUCH* different power-levels, I'd like to show 'em at least
a couple of them (say, 60-75 points, and 250-300 points).

I have never *run* (GM'ed) HERO, but I've played both 4color
supers and "superheroic" fantasy, under 3 different GM's; and
I've GM'ed quite a few other systems.

I do *NOT* have HERO-5, nor the BigBlueBook. I have the soft-
bound Hero4 (#500, 1990) with a brown/red cover of 3 "heroes":
* a "viking" swinging an axe;
* a 4-color-comic heroine in blue with white "starburst"
effects at her hands;
* a mercenary/adventurer type in brown&green, with a couple
of powerguns cabled to his techgear belt, and blue-gray
bandolier/powerpacks hanging from his shoulders.

I also have the "Fantasy Hero" book (HERO24, 1985) with an
ice-green spine, showing a "black" dragon facing 5 heroes:
* foreground, facing away from us, a dark-chainmailed
longsword / kite-shield user;
* immediately before the dragon, a trident / buckler user
(female?) wearing a white mantle & white fur loincloth;
* behind (her?) a knight in red-and-white surcoat with an
odd sort of intermediate blade, neither shortsword nor
longsword, straight-edged from hilt-to-point;
* at the far side of the party, a knight bearing a green
eagle on his upper-right chest, red-and-white stripes on
his upper left, and a broadsword;
* in the background, on a stair, a green-clad spellcaster
with a white turban, wielding a staff with a glowing tip
All set in a ruin, battling under 3 intact arches, with sky
visible in the background. The title, "Fantasy Hero," is in
large red-and-white text, above which (in yellow text) is:
"the roleplaying game of epic adventure"

No, I *cannot* afford to upgrade my books, nor to buy the
nice commercial adventures that I don't doubt exist. Yes, I
would like to (I'd REALLY like to); but I can't.

Yes, there *is* a demo adventure in the back of the "Fantasy
Hero" book, and Google'ing has found a Fantasy adventure on
the HERO Games website ("Tomb of Rakoss"; BTW, what are the
3 ".hdc" docs in there? I see LOTS of cross-ref's to HERO-5
rulebook (including critter-stats), making Rakoss rather less
appealing to me). I may run one of those (can anyone comment,
or review those?), but that leaves the high-power game still
wanting a module... HELP?

I'm not sure I've got the time (nor, frankly, the skill) to
design a decent game myself, since I've never GM'ed any HERO
games before. Time, as well as money, are very tight at the

Any help/info/suggestions would be gratefully accepted!

- Steve S.


Steve Saunders
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    About the only thing I can think of is to go to RPG Host and see if
    they have any Hero adventures in their archives.

    Ralph Glatt
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    On Sun, 06 Feb 2005 00:07:49 GMT, sNOmSPAMs@sonic.net wrote:
    >No, I *cannot* afford to upgrade my books, nor to buy the
    >nice commercial adventures that I don't doubt exist. Yes, I
    >would like to (I'd REALLY like to); but I can't.

    As a financially strapped gamer with kids, I feel your pain. However, are you
    sure you couldn't squeeze $10 (US) out of the budget to pick up the 5th
    edition Hero Sidekick? It has most of the 5th edition rules in it, but
    presented in a manner that makes it easier for new Hero players. You could
    even get it online.

    That said, there are some really cool little Fantasy Hero adventures here:
    http://hiddenway.tripod.com/hero/ (there's a tripod pop-up, too). Scroll down
    -- there's tons of stuff there, with links at the bottom to tons more stuff.

    Also, if you haven't already, you should ask this question at the Hero Games
    website. http://www.herogames.com

    Good luck!

  3. Archived from groups: rec.games.frp.misc (More info?)

    > Hey, all...

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    I ended up with 3 players, and the demo adventure at
    the back of the FH book had 3 sample PC's, and I was
    short of time. Made my choice pretty easy...

    But I bookmarked the FH Treasure-Trove, and SH Fandom
    sites. Nice!

    - Steve S.
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