whats a great gaming laptop for under 1200 dollars

anyone tell me a nice laptop in the 1000 to 1200 price range that is great for gamming :)?
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  1. I got an account with an Asus distributor.
    I'll hook u up.

    Asus Ensemble W2Jb-Y007M
    X1600 256 mb Video card
    $2350 shipped

    Asus Ensemble A8JS-4S013P
    go7700 512 RAM Video card
    $1650 shipped

    Asus Ensemble F3Jm-AP012P
    7600 512 RAM Video Card
    $1550 Shipped

    Asus Ensemble F3JV-AP026P
    7600 256 RAM Video Card
    $1550 Shipped
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