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I currently have Raid 1 set up with two WD1200JB (120 GB, 8 MB Cache, 7,200 RPM) using the built in controller in an Asus P4P800-Deluxe mainboard. I have both the OS and my data on the Raid 1 array. I realize that this configuration is going to be slower that a single drive or Raid 0, but I need the redundancy as this is my primary development machine.

I have been experiencing very slow disk access. I see it when opening storage intensive programs (Outlook, Photoshop, etc) and when deleting files (sometimes takes up to 1 min to delete a single file).

I need to do something to improve my disk access while still maintaining the redundancy inherent in Raid 1. The options I see thus far are:

1) Buy a Asus P4C800-Deluxe, two 74GB WD SATA Raptors. My manual says that the P4P800-Deluxe will support SATA in Raid 1, but I would love confirmation of this.

2) Buy a third party SATA Raid controller. (Maybe something like the TALON ZL-4 Serial ATA 4 Port Queuing Raid Controller) Again, mate this with two 74GB WD SATA Raptors.

I would really appreciate some feedback on this. What do you think about these configurations? What other alternatives can you think of? What is the best bang for the buck with some sort of redundancy built in?
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  1. What you need is a real raid controller, rather than the host based raid(though for your information, yes, P4P800 will run raid1, uses same controller as the P4c, it's part of the southbridge).

    What you want though is something like the Adaptec 2410SA. A raid controller that has a real chip to do the processing, and ram for cache(believe it's 64 on that card as purchased).
  2. Thanks for the reply! What kind of speed increase should I expect from a dedicated RAID card as opposed to using the RAID integrated on the MoBo?

    The one you suggested is $319 at The one that Western Digital sells (ZL-4 Serial ATA 4 Port Queuing Raid Controller) is $99. Any idea what kind if Speed difference I am going to see between the two?

    Thanks for the help. This is the info I need!
  3. LOL, what crap, you don't need a hardware controller to run RAID1. It's so f*cking simple a 286 could work it out. Write the same data to 2 disks. DOH! Why would you need cache for that?

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  4. Oh, in answer to your question, first do a format of your OS partition and a fresh install of Windows to get rid of any spyware that's screwing with your system. Deleting a file barely even access the hard disk at all so if it's hanging at that stage it's more likely to be your OS that is screwed up than the storage device.

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