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Hello, For over a month our HP Compac Presario CQ57 displayed that our Windows 7 might not be genuine. Hence, the computer keeps crashing. This morning the computer crashed and would not come back on again. The computer is stuck on Welcome. I finally got back into the computer and put a product key number, which I took from my other new computer, and it stated that the PN was accepted. However, we are still having the same problem. It will not start in Safe Mode, it will not work if we do a repair, because it asks for a cd, which we did not get with our computer. What can we do get our computer to go past the welcome screen?
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  1. Usually the hard drive would be corrupted. I've had a Compaq like that.
  2. Does your system come with a recover partition? if so i think you are going to need to reinstall, but you may have another hidden hardware issue like bad memory or hard drive.
  3. I agree with david, I had this issue when I installed a motherboard driver that windows could not digest properly. Always got to the windows logo but that was it. Turned out the Asrock 3.0 original USB driver was causing it. I installed without this driver, and installed the updated driver for the USB ports and it worked like a charm.
  4. Hello davidgermain, I'm not sure what you mean by a recover partition. I know we can not do a restore, and now I'm able to get on, but there are several issues such as, I'm getting a message that the "MSOEACCT.dll" is missing from the computer, and )x*1000101) creation of a shadow copy has timed out. Needless to say, I just unplugged the computer, because I notice that it gets very hot. Don't think I can fix it on my own, and if I take it in for repairs, not sure if it will be worth it. Thanks for all the feedback.
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