What Do You Think of Microsoft's Zune Audio/Video Player?

Well, the Zune is here. I'm the guy who sharply critized Apple's iPod on TG Publishing's MobilityGuru (sister site to Tom's Hardware). So far, I haven't been overwhealmed by the Zune. It looks like the electronics and features are pretty good, though some are complaining about the size and weight compared to the iPod line. The real problem right now and maybe for 6 or more months is that content is scarce and, of course, that iPod and Zune files aren't interchangeable.

Your thoughts?
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  1. I think Microsoft will get rid of it within 6 months. Everyone thinks that iPods are the only mp3 players, they are stupid.

    Dont get me wrong, I like the Zune. I like it because you are not limited to only iTunes like iPods are. Its just everyone I know around here, when they talk about mp3 players, and when I show them my Dell mp3 player, the first question that they ask, "Is that an iPod?" , even though it has the Dell icon on the front.

    Also, its bigger than the iPod, people will spend more for a thinner player. But what people dont realize is that the Zune is a more feature-rich player than the iPod is. Even some Creative players are nice feature-rich player with FM and such.
  2. Quote:
    I like it because you are not limited to only iTunes like iPods are.

    Erm... you are not limited to iTunes only, that's right. Instead you are llimited to MS store. Sure 14$ subscription is a better deal then 99c per song but you do not own the songs when subscribing.

    It is not Play for Sure so it is not compatible with e.g. Raphosody...

    But the real deal breaker for me is that Zune does not connect wirelessly to the PC or anything else except another Zune. They hyped the wireless thing so much but then you end up with something pretty useless really.
  3. Farg them both, go Creative. I'd much rather my Zen Vision M to either M$ or Apple crap.
  4. So which brand can you just load your own mp3's on to them?
  5. I don't know of a brand that doesn't. Seriously, don't download DRM crap. Always buy a CD and rip them yourself. You won't need to worry about music library compatibility again. The only down side to CDs is included tracks you don't want, but they're worth it when the alternative sucks this bad. Unless of course your buying a CD made by Sony. :wink:
  6. It seems like a good player and If I really needed somehow the 30+ gigs I would definetly go for the Zune but so far my SanDisk Sansa e280 is doing spectacular.
  7. I really hate how people cal every MP3 player an iPod. It pisses me off, because they don't know what else is on the market. Basically, if you had something else than an iPod, you weren't cool. That changed, at least where I live. Most people(90%) at my school have iPods and there are only 10 of us with Zunes so far. I had a really bad experience with Apple's iPod Mini, so I didn't go with the Video as my new MP3 player. DOn't get me wrong, iTunes is a great program, but it's not worth to buy a bad MP3 player for a program. Also, I think Apple's prices are ridiculous. I got a white Zune a couple of days ago. It has pretty cool features, but in the end, I know that I bought it for listening to MP3's, and not other shit.
  8. (yeah, i know, 4 1/2 month old thread)
    qwazzy said:
    I really hate how people cal every MP3 player an iPod. It pisses me off, because they don't know what else is on the market.
    That's what you call achieving household-word status, just like every facial tissue is a Kleenex, and every portable tape player was a walkman some years back. Like the iPod or hate it, that's quite a coup for the Apple marketing dept.

    I personally will be picking up a new MP3 player soon. I hate feeling cornered into an iPod, but as good as competing products are there's more 3rd party support for iPod. Car stereo decks and clock radios that control the player as well as play it's audio. I wish Zune, Zen or Sandisk players offered something similar.
  9. is the zune hd better than the ipod touch
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